Stategies & Patterns

Check out some of the past Games, to see how the Clues were layout across the Cities


Shanghai Game 1

The basic layout was a Spiral across the Huangpu Area & the Bund. It became obvious to most players after they realised that the Circle didn't close. Also it was fun Tour of the city, since it included the Bund, Yu Garden & Xintiandi. The Treasure was hidden in the Comic-book area, at a light pole across form the small Budhist Temple. 


Berlin Game 2

For the 2nd Game in Berlin, the layout was a bit more tricky, but it followed the basic half-circled main roads of its Map. Starting at Brandenburger Gate, it went through Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlberg and Mitte. The Treasure was hidden at the 3rd circle, in the big Fountain in the middle of Strausberger Platz. 




Who would have guessed that among all those soul crushing, mind eating ads that you see every day, there are also some useful messages… I heard about RIDREL on  Instagram Ads.

I like wondering around on the streets like a headless chicken. Now I guess there’s a purpose to it. It gives me an extra reason to get out and explore the city beyond the “Top 10 things to do this weekend” lists.

I like getting to walk around new areas that I maybe otherwise wouldn’t check out, but also the competitive nature of the game, made it exciting and engaging. I always wonder about the other players when I find some of the clues, how long did it take others to find it, where did they head out from here etc. Didn’t really have one a Strategy, I just started with what I recognised first, then kept aiming for the clear ones (the clues that had some distinguishable features in the photos) and then hope to spot the unknown ones on the way. I always pay close attention to text (if there is any) in the frame.

I don’t really plan that much, I try to make sure that I at least know where to start from, but after that I just go with the flow and just start exploring. I can’t really tell which way the clues are most of the time (at least to me it’s not very obvious) I just go left and right and analyse the surroundings. I know there are clues inside the clues and hints on where to go and stuff like that, I can’t say that I’m not influenced by them but at the same time I try to forget about it and just scan everything around me. I definitely would recommend it to anyone who is tired of scrolling the Facebook feed and doesn’t know what they’ll do with their lives until the next season of GoT.



I love treasure hunts
RiDREL gives you the opportunity of discovering again the city from another perspective. Also, the fit side of this game
First i looked for the clues and once I had discovered around 15/20 try to foresee where the others would have been
I like to spend the entire day out looking for the clues, mostly weekends, and go step by step without too much planning
Would i recommend the gam...Yes and no. I think is great and I would like to have more people with who, i could share it but at the same time I don't want to build new competitors.


I can't deny that I wanted the money, but I also liked the idea of going outside and exploring your city, instead of being at home and sitting in front of my computer all day long.
RIDREL feels like a real game, or a challenge and the permanent thrill of being so close to the goal. But also having the fear someone else finding the treasure.
It's important to find the right vehicle for your search. For me it was the bike, but it depends on your preferences. Additionally you should have an overview of your found/not found locations.
Also it's way more fun to play not alone, but be sure who's getting the treasure! ;)
At the beginning I always planned my routes and set my goals for the day, but in the end I always went outside with no real plan.
Maybe because the game was about to end and the clues weren't that clear.
For my search I used Google's "My Maps". It's very useful, because you can use it on your PC and your smartphone. So on "Google Maps" I searched for the locations and marked them on "My Maps". 
I would recommend this game! It's a lot of fun and feels like an awesome scavenger hunt. Especially with friends you can have a great time.